2017 Cadet and Junior European Championships Selection

28th February - 9th March 2017, Plovdiv

Juniors Cadets
Men’s Epee Men’s Epee
1. Sinclair
Ben Andrews
2. Jordan Dominic Paul
3. Cooper Billy Shepherd
4. Dickinson Joshua Willcox
Women’s Epee
Women’s Epee
1. Danielle Lawson Laura Sheffield
2. Lydia Stainer Alex Powell
3. Kerenza Bryson
Avery Louis
No reserve Jasmine Heaps
Men’s Foil
Men’s Foil
1. Bird Isaac Jolley
2. Minot Brij Gautam
3. Kiss Dougie Ashby
4. De Almeida Edmund Howlett
Women’s Foil Women’s Foil
1. Beardmore Isabella Gill
2. Gill Amy Home
3. Campbell Yasmin Campbell
No reserve Seville Babaeva
  NTR Mhairi McLaughlin
Men’s Sabre
Men’s Sabre
1. Deary Noah Matricciani
2. Maxwell Joe Pocknell
3. Edwards James Edwards
4. Suddards Bertie Holdsworth
  NTR Drew Thornley
Women’s Sabre Women’s Sabre
1. Maxwell Sophia Potter
2. Chart Maia Fashokun
3. Corby Lizzie Moffat
4. Fashokun El Robbins-Wilkinson
  NTR Elsie Llewellyn

NTR=non travelling reserve

For Cadet and Junior Europeans, the GB team will be staying in the same hotel as a squad.

Flights, transfers and accommodation will be booked centrally by British Fencing once the competition schedule has been confirmed.