2017 U23 European Championships

20 – 25 April  - Minsk

Competition information

Automatic selection – winners of the British U23 Championships

James Edwards – Men’s Sabre
Sophia Potter – Women’s Sabre
Harrison Nichols – Men’s Epee
Elizabeth Powell – Women’s Epee
Sam Finch – Men’s Foil
Chloe Dickson – Women’s Foil

Discretionary selection

Men’s Epee
Tom Curran Jones
Paul Sanchez-Lethem
Nick Beaumont

Men’s Epee Team (Nichols / Curran Jones / Sanchez-Lethem / Beaumont)

Women’s Sabre
Emily Ruaux

Men’s Sabre
Nick Howes

Men’s Foil
Alex Lloyd

Women’s Epee
Amy Radford


Visa Procedure

  • those who will be staying in Minsk for 5 days and less (providing they arrive at Minsk National Airport) do not need any visas (you should consider the very first day of your arrival and the very last day when you depart)
  • those who will be staying for more than 5 days, unfortunately, need a visa. In order to get an invitation for free visas during this event you need to fill in the form (see attached) and send it back to me indicating the dates of your stay. After getting the invitation you can go to the Belarusian embassy in your country*

*if there is no Belarusian embassy in your country, then you can obtain visas at Minsk National Airport.

Contact: Natasha Tkachenko, Belarusian Fencing Federation