2018 Cadet European Championships Selection

2nd-11th March 2018, Sochi, Russia

Website: http://sochifencing2018.ru/

Safety Committee Notice about Masks

Women's Sabre
Men’s Sabre
Maia Fashokun
Ian Ren
Ellen Robbins Wilkinson
Julian Richards II
Hannah O'Reilly
Luke Haynes
Elsie Llewelyn
Mark Alvares-Peres
Non travelling reserve
Erin Corcoran
Non travelling reserve
Drew Thornley
Women’s Epee
Men’s Epee
Eleanor Taylor
Luke Mason
Avery Louis
Steven Macpherson
Taylor Foxwell-Moss
Ben Andrews
Jacqueline Oien
Joshua Willcox
Non travelling reserve
Keira Papadopolous
Non travelling reserve
Jacob Foulsham
Women's Foil
Men’s Foil
Phoebe Newton-Hughes
Raphael Rhys Pollitt
Amy Home
Cameron Evans
Bronwen Granville
Alessandro Gill
Lucy-Belle Williamson
William Lonsdale
Non travelling reserve
Becci Curwen
Non travelling reserve
Luca Plastow

Congratulations to all these fencers, their coaches and their clubs.