2018 Cadet World Championships

Verona, April 2018


Safety Committee Notice about Masks

Women's Foil Men's Foil
Phoebe Newton-Hughes Rafael Rhys-Pollitt
Amy Home Cameron Evans
Bronwen Granville William Lonsdale
Women's Epee Men's Epee
Avery Louis Luke Mason
Eleanor Taylor Joshua Willcox
Taylor Foxwell-Moss Ben Andrews

Women's Sabre Men's Sabre
Maia Fashokun Ian Ren
Ellen Robbins-Wilkinson Jullian Richards II
Elsie Llewellyn Mark Alvares-Peres

British Fencing has decided to send full squads for all weapons. Where fencers have not met the qualification level, selection has been completed in ranking order.

Congratulations to all these fencers, their coaches and their clubs.