2018 Junior World Championships

Verona, April 2018



The FIE has approved new specifications for the secondary security strap on masks with a metallic tongue and for the main backstrap on masks without a metallic tongue (ie Paul ‘contour fit’ masks). These will be compulsory for the 2018 cadet, junior and senior world championships and for all FIE competitions from the start of the 2018-19 season onwards.  Please see full notice here: Safety Committee Notice about Masks

Women's Epee Men's Epee
Danielle Lawson Matthew Cooper
Alexandra Powell Owen Jordan
Bethan Plant Antoine Belot
Jasmin Heaps
James Russell
Women's Sabre Men's Sabre
Maria Chart James Edwards
Caitlin Maxwell Barnaby Halliwell
Jessica Corby George Suddards
Sophia Potter Nick Howes
Women's Foil Men's Foil
Sevil Babaeva Harry Bird
Arianna Balestrieri Dominic de Almeida
Alice Campbell Connor Head
Heloise Hardie
Benjamin Bates