2018 U23 European Championships

Non-Discretionary Selection

The following athletes qualified by winning the U23 National Championships:

U23 winners

WF      M McLaughlin           (Accepted)

ME      H Nicholls                 (Declined)

WS      S Potter                   (Declined)

MF      K Minott                   (Declined)

WE      F Summers               (Declined)

MS      J Edwards                 (Declined)


Discretionary Selection

The criteria for discretionary selection is set out here


Of the applications for discretionary selection received, two athletes met the discretionary criteria at the date of selection:

MS      N Howes                     (Declined)   

WE      E Powell                     (Accepted)


Further to a L8 FIE Satellite achieved on 24/2 the selectors agreed to select an additional athlete:

MF      Alex Lloyd          (Accepted)