Cadet and Junior World Championships 2013

Porec, Croatia - 06.04.2013 - 15.04.2013

Congratulations from the International Youth Committee to all the fencers selected for these World Championships and to their personal coaches and clubs.

  The Team          
Cadet       Junior    
Men's foil BIRCH Jai   Men's foil ARCHER Kristjan
Men's foil KISS Daniel   Men's foil RATTAN Amol
Men's foil LLOYD Alexander   Men's foil TOFALIDES Alexander
        Men's foil team tbc
Women's foil CHART Yvonne    

Women's foil FIHOSY Ayesha   Women's Foil KING Leah
Men's epee NICHOLS Harrison   Men's epee CURRAN-JONES Tomas
Men's epee SINCLAIR Aml   Men's epee HUDSON Jack
Men's epee STEED Oliver   Men's epee RIDLEY Sam
NT reserve WORMAN Craig   Men's epee team SANCHEZ-LETHEM Paul
Women's epee HUDSON Molly        
Women's epee STANIER Lydia   Men's sabre AIYENURO Soji
Women's epee SUMMERS Francesca   Men's sabre SLANKARD Kirk
NT reserve CORMACK Ellie   Men's sabre VAN HOFFELEN Camile

  Men's sabre team WEBB Jonathan
Men's sabre AMSALEM Rubin  

Men's sabre DEARY Will   Women's sabre ITZKOWITZ Aliya
Men's sabre WEBB JJ  

NT reserve MOORE Will     The Officials  
Women's sabre ANIL Shreya  

Women's sabre DAYKIN Kate   Team Manager ROSE Lorraine
Women's sabre GLADDISH Laura   Team Manager STRACHAN Linda
NT reserve SLEEMAN Kiera   Team Manager MAYNARD Maggie

  Coach BARRETT Peter
        Coach BUXTON Chris

  Coach GOLDING Glen

  Coach HARPER Pierre

  Coach HAYNES Matthew

  Coach WILLIAMS Ian

If any non-qualified fencer wishes to appeal for a place in the team, on the basis of exceptional circumstances, the deadline is 13th February.  Such appeals should be sent to British Fencing with a copy to Clare Halsted, International Youth Committee Chair.