Rankings and Selections

For information about this season’s ranking and selections scheme please click on the link below.

British Cadet Ranking and Selection Scheme - 2017-2018 - 11.5.17

Cadet Ranking and Selection Scheme 2016-2017

Selection Announcements

ICMG Update (7th December 2015) - Cadet Ranking Scheme 2016-17 Update - Supporting Notes

You will find news regarding selections for nominated EFC events for each weapon at the following links:

Men’s Epee
Women’s Epee
Men’s Foil
Women’s Foil
Men’s Sabre
Women’s Sabre



Domestic rankings are available at the following links:

Domestic Cadet Men’s Epee
Domestic Cadet Women’s Epee
Domestic Cadet Men’s Foil
Domestic Cadet Women’s Foil
Domestic Cadet Men’s Sabre
Domestic Cadet Women’s Sabre


The European Fencing Confederation Cadet circuit ranking list is available here.

Please note: The EFC Cadet rankings are compiled by the European Fencing Confederation.