EFC Licence

The CEE, or EFC, is the European Fencing Confederation. Click here to go to their site.


Who needs an EFC Licence and how to get one...

Every Fencer and Referee entering European Fencing Confederation competitions (EFC), i.e. EFC CAdet Circuit, EFC U23 Circuit, European Cadets and U23 Championships.

Every fencer competing in EFC events,  requires an EFC licence before travelling.

EFC Licences have to be applied for through British Fencing.

A fencer can only obtain an EFC licence via the country of which he/she is a citizen.



From 1st August 2017, you must apply for the EFC licence through the British Fencing membership portal. 

Please go to bf.sport80.com - log in using the details you setup to log into membership. Once logged in click on the Licences tab and follow the directions for purchasing your licence.