FIE Satellite Events

Satellite competitions were introduced to the FIE calendar to develop fencing in specific geographic regions. Results at satellites are also awarded points for the official FIE ranking. 

Entry to FIE Satellite competitions will be governed by the conditions of the particular competition and/or FIE regulations and any fencer must meet any such conditions/regulation to be considered for selection including holding an FIE licence.

A full list of the FIE Satellite events is available on

Medical Form to be completed by any fencer wishing to withdraw from an FIE event.  The completed form should be emailed to  The FIE will fine any athlete that fails to notify them of withdrawal or fails to provide sufficient and adequate information for the withdrawal.  Please complete carefully and in full.  Athletes will be solely liable for any FIE fines incurred.

Medical Form


Please complete and sign the attached entry form and return to

GBR entries are on a first come, first served basis as there are currently no British Fencing selection criteria or minimum requirements for entry. Entries must be submitted to BF 3 weeks prior to the event to ensure that any referee requirements can be addressed. The FIE must receive entries no later that 7 days prior to the event.

Fencers will be informed when any FIE quota for entries has been met. A maximum of 4 fencers per country without a referee, 5-9 entries 1 referee and 10 or more entries require 2 referees.

Please note that if referees are required, all referee costs will be divided amongst all the fencers. The FIE fine is currently €1000 if GBR do not meet the referee requirements. 

Withdrawal from the event will incur a fine if past the entry deadline and the fencer will be responsible for the full amount of the fine.

Fencers should only book their flights and accommodation once they have received confirmation of their entry.

Please contact British Fencing head office if you need to renew your FIE licence.