GB Foil Junior Men

Leszno  October 2017

Harry Bird - Accepted

Ben Bates - Accepted

Sebastian Pallier - Accepted

Connor Head - Accepted

Ciaran  Archer - Accepted

Alexander Jones - Accepted

Dominic De Almeida - Accepted

Edmund Howlett - Accepted

Ceyln Lewis - Accepted

Douggie Ashby - Accepted

Rob Williams - Accepted

James Page - Accepted


Harry Bird

Ben Bates

Sebastian Pallier

Connor Head

Coach Chris Galesloot

Referees: Adrian Speakman & Nick Payne

PTM Tim Greenwood 

Accredited Personal Coaches:

Jonathan Weekes

Pawel Osmanski

Tomek Walicki

Jon Sloman

Eden Cup 2017 Individual Event Selection
See here:

Aix-en-Provence, January 2017 - Selections

1. Harry Bird - Accepted
2. Kamal Minott - Accepted
3. Daniel Kiss - Accepted
4. Dominic De Almeida - Accepted
5. Sebastian Palier - Accepted
6. Ben Bates
7. Sam Finch - Accepted
8. Ciaran Archer - Accepted
9. Sebastian Monnett

Isaac Jolley - Accepted
Brij Gautam
Douglas Ashby
Edmund Howlett - Accepted

Harry Bird
Kamal Minott
Daniel Kiss
Dominic De Almeida

Referee: Nick Payne

TM: Team Greenwood

Coach: Maciej Wojtkowiak

Accredited Coach: Pierre Harper


Accredited Personal Coaches* 

Selections will be emailed on the 22nd September 2016.  The closing date for confirmation of your place on the Sport:80 website will be 25th September, after which the first reserves will automatically be selected. 

* Personal coaches must seek permission to attend any JWC from the LPTM - once granted this will remain in place for the season. Only accredited personal coaches will be permitted to attend.