Rankings and Selections


For information about this season’s selections scheme please click on the links below. 

British Junior Ranking Scheme - 2017-2018- 11.5.17

Junior Ranking Scheme 2016-2017

Junior Selection Policy 2016-2017 

Selection Announcements

You will find news regarding selections for nominated Junior international events for each weapon at the following links:

-  Men’s Epee
-  Women’s Epee
-  Men’s Foil
-  Women’s Foil
-  Men’s Sabre
-  Women’s Sabre



Domestic rankings are available at the following links:

-  Domestic Junior Men’s Epee
-  Domestic Junior Women’s Epee
-  Domestic Junior Men’s Foil
-  Domestic Junior Women’s Foil
-  Domestic Junior Men’s Sabre
-  Domestic Junior Women’s Sabre


The FIE Junior circuit ranking list is available here.

Please note: The international Junior rankings are compiled by the FIE.