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Following the announcement regarding the GB Junior International programme, the governance structure of the GB Cadet International Programme has changed.

The following activities will now be the responsibility of a new International Cadet Management Group (ICMG). Items marked with a * will be discussed and agreed with the Talent Pathway Manager.  Items marked + will be subject to additional approval by the Performance Director.
-       Cadet Calendar (including domestic selection tournaments) *
-       EFC Competition Nominations (EFC - European Fencing Confederation) *
-       EFC Competition Squad Selection Policies *
-       EFC Competition Squad Selection Process
-       GB Cadet Ranking - reviewing and monitoring
-       Appointment and support of non-travelling Squad Managers (SM)
-       Cadet European & World Championship Selection Policies* +
-       Cadet European & World Championship Selection Process*  +

Chair: Clare Halsted
Weapon Leads      
Epee Lindsay Bottoms 07854008816
Foil Sophie Troiano 07879647869
Sabre Daniel Redshaw  07861656774
Squad Managers
Maggie Maynard 
Foil Nickie Bailey
Margie Mascolino 07813726564  
Referee Committee Rep John Haynes 07970652340

All opportunities to participate in trips are offered under the following Terms and Conditions. Accepting a trip implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. As part of an acceptance process BF may request a signed copy

Click here to view the British Fencing Athlete Agreement - Adult (18 and over)  Terms & Conditions - January 2015

Click here to view the Parental Agreement U18s - Terms & Conditions - January 2015

Click here to view the Cadet Nominated International Competitions 2015/16 Season Q&A's - 20.08.2015


For general queries please contact Head Office to be directed to the relevant person.

Year Planner 2014-2015

Fitness Prerequisites for International Events Word pdf

Trip Process Document - Junior World Cups - 10.12.2014

Junior International Squad Trips 2014/2015 - FAQs (updated 02.15)

Non Nominated World Cup and Cadet entry form


To all fencers selected for GBR Squads for Junior World Cups
If you are not travelling with the official group, you should still try to book your travel arrangements with Sport80 .

This request also applies to fencers living abroad.
If Sport80 cannot provide a suitable travel option, and you wish to book independently you should contact the Team Manager authorised to book your own flights and transfers only.  Any requests for independent booking of travel must be accompanied by the comparative quotes from Sport80, or an email from Sport80 confirming that independent booking is appropriate.  If the comparative cost is less than £30 per person then independent booking will not be authorised.

Your feedback is important so that we can improve the service.
Please contact: Andrea Snowdon or Richard Mallon


Number: 0203 005 2526 (during office hours 9:30-16:30)


In addition to submitting key information the fencer or parent/guardian if under 18 will be required to confirm they agree to the Youth Athlete Code of Conduct. This will be requested as you proceed to accept your place on the BF trip and/or event. 



Parents are responsible for all payments due and any damages incurred by themselves and their child(ren).

Parents consent the taking of photographs and video footage during the season for promotional and training purposes. 

Parents agree that British Fencing assumes duty of care from the time that the athlete reports at the agreed entry point to the agreed departure point, which will be confirmed in writing.  

Parents agree that their child(ren) must comply with the British Fencing Youth Athlete Code of Conduct.

Parents accept the authority to British Fencing officials and agree to comply at all times from entry point to departure point and understand that any breach of this code will have consequences according to the relevant sanctions.

Parents agree that their child(ren) will abide by the drug testing regulations.

Parents authorise British Fencing Staff/Team Officials act in Loco Parentis for the purposes of medical treatment, drug testing situations and other situations where someone is required to act as a responsible adult in their place.

Parents accept that fencing activities carry the risk of injury.

Parents agree that their child(ren) will only participate in British Fencing activities if they are in good health and can be considered fit to participate.


British Fencing appointed officials or volunteers must use the online system to submit any important information for British Fencing organised trips and events. Officials and volunteers must agree to abide by British Fencing’s Code of Conduct and Ethics: Team Officials - updated 11.12.14


British Fencing takes the safety and welfare of athletes and officials very seriously and will seek to deliver high quality events.  Therefore if a member should know of, or become aware of, any breach of a Code of Conduct by another member they are under an obligation to notify British Fencing.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct may also be brought to the attention of British Fencing by others who are not members of British Fencing.

Any breach of the Code of Conduct brought to the attention of British Fencing will be considered under our disciplinary procedures.

Athletes and officials should understand that there are consequences to the actions they take and we will implement necessary and appropriate action – before, during or after an event. 

The attached documents set out the penalty guidelines we can and will put in place.  Athletes and parents are encouraged to read the attached documents in conjunction with the Youth Athlete Code of Conduct.

Click here to view the Athletes Penalties Youth Competitions -  updated December 2014

Breaches made by officials will be dealt with on a case by case basis and will follow the disciplinary procedure.


Ratios - this provides guidance on the number of Team Managers (of which the Chef d'Equipe is one) to fencers:
Click here to download the Ratios Guidance document 29.09.11.




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International Cadet Management Group

Medical and anti doping advisor:

Clare Halsted

+44 (0) 7860 534378

Equality and Safeguarding Officer:

Liz Behnke

+44 (0) 7717 740125

Head Office

+44 (0) 208 742 3032

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