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Fencing is a fast, exciting and athletic sport, like "active chess" and keeps both body and mind fit!

Fencing is also a very easy sport to start at any age, with our GO/FENCE programme using foam and plastic swords to make things simple and cheap to start.

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Which Sword for me?!

There are three swords or weapons in fencing

Foil Fencing     Epee Fencing      

Foil: a light, thrusting weapon, originally used for training soldiers to fight in battle. The target is limited to the trunk of the body, including the back but not the arms or head.

Epee: a heavier, thrusting weapon, originally used for duelling. Hits can be scored anywhere on the body. One-hit epee is one of the five disciplines of Modern Pentathlon.

Sabre: a cutting and thrusting weapon, originally used by cavalry soldiers. The target area is limited to everything above the hips, except for the hands and the back of the head

For a bit of an introduction to the sport of Fencing, click on the link below to watch Richard Kruse talking through the basics of the sport...

Click here to watch Richard Kruse's Guide to Fencing.

This video gives information on our GO/FENCE project to get young people into fencing.