Clubmark Criteria


Clubmark Criteria

The accreditation is based on four key areas of Club Development, each of which must be supported by specific evidence collected by the Club. The four key Club Development areas are:

1. Activity / Playing Programme

Your Club needs to look at the opportunities you are providing, when you are providing them, how you are delivering them and by whom.

2. Duty of care and Welfare

It is the duty of every club to and to take steps to ensure that members, volunteers and visitors can enjoy the sport offered by the club in a safe environment.  

3. Knowing your Club and Community

It is important to promote the right culture in your club so that its policies, practices and ethos encourage all members to adopt an inclusive, friendly approach to sport.

4. Club Management

Clubs that are well managed tend to be more successful and sustainable for the future as well as being prepared in the event of emergencies.


Detailed Clubmark criteria can be found here.