Club Welfare Officer

This page is designed to offer some guidence on the role of the Club Welfare officer, along with the training required to become one.

All British Fencing Affiliated Clubs offering fencing sessions to children (U18s) and adults at risk must have an identified Club Welfare Officer in place.

(Please note that in Scotland this is called a Child Protection and Wellbeing Officer.)

The contact details of the Club Welfare Officer must be provided to British Fencing through the BF online platform and show as part of any online listing and/or club website

Contact details should also be displayed clearly within the club environment at every session.

The Club Welfare Officer should not be a coach working within the club nor someone personally connected to the coaches (eg family member). This is to protect both the Club Welfare Officer and the individual reporting any concerns from any potential conflict of interest.

British Fencing will grant a 12 month “in training” period for identified volunteers to train up to meet the full Club Welfare Officer standard.


Minimum Requirements

Club Welfare Officer (in training)

British Fencing membership (minimum level of “Supporter”)
Valid and up to date criminal record check

Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport qualification (valid for 3 years) – UK Coaching or (in Scotland) Safeguarding in Sport

Club Welfare Officer (fully trained)

CSPU Time to Listen (valid for 3 years) - Time to Listen is a 3-hour course for Club Welfare Officers (CWOs).  CWOs must have attended a UK Sport Safeguarding and Protecting Children (SPC) workshop previously and typically need to bring their club reporting procedures to the workshop.

En Garde!...Ready? - En Garde!...Ready? is BF's Welfare Pack. The En Garde!...Ready? course will give CWOs the information that they need to support their clubs to implement fencing specific welfare polices and procedures.

If a club has policies and procedures in place then we woudl recommend that after attending an SPC course, trainee CWOs familiarise themselves with the policies and procedures and then attend the CSPU Time to Listen course.

In Scotland there is the option to instead attend In Safe Hands 1&2 available from

BF courses can be found here  and additional courses will be run on-demand, so please contact us if you can't find a suitable course in your area.

Other welfare qualifictaions may be accepted in some cases - these should be submitted to

Schools, HE/FE & University Clubs

Clubs run in instituations within the educations sector, solely for the students of that institution are often held within a framework that has access to an existing Welfare or Safeguarding Officer. In these circumstances it is acceptable for the club to operate within that welfare framework. The Lead Safeguarding Officer contact details shoild be provided to BF as part of any club affiliation.

British Fencing Welfare Resources

British Fencing have provided a consise resource pack for all Club Welfare Officers all of which can be found here.

Clubs in Scotland shoild also refer to the welfare information provided by Scottish Fencing at

Club Welfare Officer Register 

British Fencing has begun the process of developing a seperate register for Club Welfare Officers.

The register below will be updated to reflect all those that have attended the courses we have run over the last few years. If your name is missing or there is missing information against your name, please inform


Club Welfare Officer Register as of February 2018 

Those names in red are missing information, please contact Nickie Bailey to update the missing information.

By Surname 

By Region