British School Team Championships 2018

Date: 19th & 20th May 2018

Venue: Nuffield Health Sports and Fitness Centre, The Royal Masonic School for Girls, Rickmansworth, WD3 4HF

Entry Information - 23 March

Revised check-in schedule - 14th May 2018

Entry List - 11th May 2018

Withdrawals and Changes to Teams
If an entire team is no longer able to compete on the rescheduled dates they may withdraw, and a full refund will be given, up until Wednesday 18th April. Refunds will not be issued for withdrawals made after this time.

It will also be possible to change the fencers in an entered team until Wednesday 18th April. To do this please email Amy Grant with the name, DOB and BF number of the new fencer as well as the name of the fencer you wish to withdraw.

Adding New Teams
Initially it will not be possible to add new teams. However, once the deadline for withdrawals has passed this will be reassessed if there is sufficient space in the schedule. If you would like to add a team to the waiting list please contact Amy Grant


If you have any enquries please contact Amy Grant