British Fencing Rules App

British Fencing in collaboration with Pixel Creative Technologies have created an interactive app that allows you to quickly search and find relevant rules within seconds.  

If you would like a sneak peek inside the app then please see below:


The app (for mobile and tablets) includes the following features:

1)  Fully searchable rules. Easily search the rules using a keyword (e.g. Mask) or rule number (e.g. T14). 

2)  Quick browse. Scroll through the rule books with ease viewing a summary of each rule. Once you find the rule you need, simply click and view the full rule.

3)  Detailed penalty information. Information about penalties is laid out clearly and if you click on a penalty it will show the related rules. This allows you to simply click on the rule number and go straight to the rule to find out further information.

To download the app please click the store of your choice below and don’t forget to share your feedback.

Your feedback will be used to update the app and we hope you find the app useful.

British Fencing will review the app quarterly and following any international rule change.