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England Fencing Regions

The ten England Fencing Regions have a key role in growing the sport and England Fencing will be investing in developing grass roots fencing through them.

The role of the regions is to:

  • Support the development of fencing at a local level
  • Support and encourage joint working between clubs
  • Organise regional competitions and teams such as British Youth Championship Qualifiers
  • Be the local representation of England Fencing
  • Act as a conduit for information between clubs and England Fencing, promote national policy and represent the views of their members to England Fencing
  • Promote the safeguarding of children and promote fencing as a safe and enjoyable sport for all.

England Fencing has set aside £1000 per region to support their development aims plus an additional £10,000 national pot that regions can apply for through a competitive process. Regions are also eligible to apply for the Growth Grant along with clubs and other constituted organisations.

Region Grant Application Form

Region Grant Application Process

Growth Grant Application Form

Growth Grant Information

After a significant consultation on the future of the regions, England Fencing developed the Regional Articles which identified the following minimum steps regions need to take to be ready to excel in their role and be eligible for a grant

Adoption of approved constitution

Regions are separately constituted organisations, giving them autonomy, flexibility and the opportunity to run their activities based on local need. England Fencing has produced a template to ensure that regions’ constitutions are fit for purpose. Constitutions need to be approved by England Fencing for the region committee to be recognised and eligible for grants.

Click here to download the Region Constitution Template

An Independent Bank Account with a summary of annual accounts submitted to England Fencing

In order to provide grant funding to regions, England Fencing need to ensure that funds are being properly managed.

England Fencing has contact details for each committee member

All region committee members need to provide England Fencing with their contact details so that important information can be communicated and to ensure that volunteers acting on behalf of their region are properly insured. Region committee members can provide their details by completing the form at

The Region has a Development Plan

A development plan is a simple document stating what the region plans to achieve over a set period of time, how it will be achieved and what resources it requires. Development plans form the basis for grants to be awarded and are an opportunity for clubs and members to influence the priorities in their region and hold their regional representatives to account.

The development plan should be owned by the region and set out the regions’ priorities however each plan should be submitted to England Fencing to ‘Check and Challenge’ and identify how the plan can be resourced to meet its goals.

To assist regions in creating their development plan, a catalogue of British Fencing development services has been created.

Click here to download the Development Plan Template

Click here to download the Regions' Development Catalogue

Get Involved With YOUR Region

To get involved with your region and have your say on what the region’s development aims should be. Click your region below to find out more:

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