Role Profile

Title:                        Chief Executive

Reporting to:            Chairman of the Board


British Fencing is the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Fencing.  As Chief Executive, you will be responsible for:

  • the management, administration and development of British Fencing in accordance with the strategic guidance laid down by the Board of Directors
  • the operational and financial health of the organisation
  • supporting the Board of Directors in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, and in the development and implementation of long-term strategies, business plans and priorities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To lead the organisation to achieve its stated strategic objectives (towards 2024) and deliver British Fencing’s programmes and operations, meeting standards and goals agreed with the Board. Specifically, to oversee the British Fencing “3G” strategy and to achieve the agreed targets for “Green, Grow and Gold”.
  2. To develop strong, effective and harmonious working relationships with the Directors of the Board, ensuring that they are updated on progress against the achievement of the organisation’s strategic plan and on significant issues / developments which are likely to impact British Fencing’s strategies, policies and performance.
  3. To lead and manage staff, and any consultants, to achieve the highest possible performance to deliver British Fencing’s strategic objectives; monitor and review the performance of individuals against key targets, taking follow up action as necessary; develop further the skills and capabilities of the team.
  4. To ensure that British Fencing connects well with members, actively seeking and acting on feedback to develop and strengthen member engagement.
  5. To build and maintain strong relationships with all key stakeholders and decision  makers that will benefit British Fencing; engage and work at local, regional, national and international level to promote British Fencing, protect and enhance its reputation and ensure that its interests are represented and safeguarded.
  6. To provide for effective and timely internal and external communications to enable staff, members, partners, volunteers, sponsors and others to be informed of developments and decisions and to fully contribute to the development of Fencing.
  7. To ensure budgets and long-term financial plans are produced on a timely and realistic basis and that British Fencing has effective systems of financial reporting and control, which includes regular reporting to the Board.
  8. To ensure that the major risks to which British Fencing is exposed are kept under review and appropriate mitigation measures are in place.
  9. To ensure that British Fencing has appropriate policies and procedures in place, applied and monitored including those related to employment, Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity.
  10. To ensure British Fencing fulfils its legal, statutory and regulatory requirements from Government, funding and regulatory bodies, sponsors and partners.  

This job description is not a definitive or exhaustive list of responsibilities; it identifies the key tasks and duties of the Chief Executive. Specific targets and objectives will be agreed with the Chief Executive and will be regularly reviewed as part of a performance appraisal framework.