British Fencing encourages all people who have frequent and regular contact with young people and vulnerable adults to be criminal record checked.  The way this is done varies from one home nation to another, but the principles are broadly similar.

In England and Wales, from the 1st December 2012, there have been some changes to the way we undertake checks on people working or volunteering in fencing.  This has come about as a result of changes to legislation, particularly the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 which has resulted in a change to the definitions,

Checks in Scotland and Northern Ireland will continue to be undertaken by Disclosure Scotland and Access NI.

At British Fencing we believe strongly in the safety of all participants in our sport, and we will continue to undertake checks to reduce risk.   In line with the new regulations we have now produced guidance to help people involved in fencing to apply for the right level of check.

Anyone who is working and a “Regulated Activity” must have an enhanced criminal record check including a check against the Barring List.  Regulated Activity is defined as someone who is involved in the following:

  • Unsupervised teaching, training, instructing
  • Caring for or supervising children
  • Providing guidance/advice on well-being
  • Driving a vehicle only for children
  • Happens frequently (once a week or more often)
  • Happens intensively (on 4 or more days in a 30-day period, or overnight)
  • Work in schools

In general the following roles are likely to require and Enhance Check including the barred list

  • Coaches
  • Team Managers
  • Leaders
  • Child Welfare Officers

NEW Click here to download guidance on completing your DBS form.  You will need to complete section 5 of the guidance form and return it with your completed DBS application form.  We cannot process applications without section 5 completed and returned to us.

There is a second level of check that does not require a check of the barred list.  British Fencing requires all people who are working in a supervised capacity with children on a regular basis, ie once a week or more, or intensively to (4 or more days in a 30 day period or overnight) to undertake an Enhanced Check

This may include:

  • Volunteers
  • Referees
  • Umpires

The attached flowcharts may help in deciding what type of check is required.

NEW - Online update service available from 17th June 2013

The DBS update service lets applicants keep their DBS certificates up to date online and allows an employer and British Fencing to check a certificate online.  You can register online http://secure.crbonline.gov.uk/crsc/apply when you apply for a DBS certificate, or within 14 days of getting one (you'll need the certificate reference number)

When you join, you will get an online account that lets you:

  • take your certificate from one job to the next
  • give employers permission to check your certificate online, and see who has checked it
  • add or remove a certificate

Further information

As of September 2015, any members applying for DBS checks required by British Fencing will be expected to sign up to the online registration system, and give British Fencing permission to view the details online.
You can do this either when you receive your application form, or within 14 days of receipt of your certificate.  Signing up to the DBS check service is free for volunteers and £13/pa for professional coaches.
In addition to reducing the administrative burden of DBS checks, using the online service will allow British Fencing (and other organisations that require DBS checks) to see if any relevant information has been identified about the individual concerned since their Certificate was last issued.
We believe that using this online system will help British Fencing make fencing a safer sport for young people and vulnerable adults.
If you are not able to sign up to the online system you may send in your DBS certificate to British Fencing but there will be a charge of £15 for volunteers and £30 for professional coaches for manually checking any certificates issued after 1st September 2015.

Please note: we cannot accept scanned copied of your certificate.
This charge will in part cover the additional administration and postage of handling the associated paperwork.

If you need to undertake a DBS disclosure you can contact Head Office for more information. Please put "DBS" in the subject header.