The Disciplinary Code described how British Fencing will deal with alleged disciplinary Offences, as defined in the Code.

Click here to download the current Disciplinary and Grievance Code. The Board have approved a new Disciplinary & Grievance Code on 11th December.
This process will come into effect 14 days after it has been posted on the website (1st January 2015).
This combined Disciplinary & Grievance Code replaces the Disciplinary and Grievance Codes dated 6th February 2014.
The intention is to make the process simpler to understand for all involved and efficient and faster to execute.
If you have any questions please contact headoffice@britishfencing.com

Disciplinary Chair: John Boumphrey

Disciplinary Deputy Chair: Steve Barrow


Disciplinary Panel Job Spec


Indicative Sanctions Guide  8.3.16

Offences & Penalties Sheet, for BFA competitions December 2017

Black Card Note: in GBR Domestic Events the fencer is immediately excluded from the competition and suspended from the remainder of the tournament.  Details must be reported to British Fencing head office for consideration under the Disciplinary Process, which may result in the imposition of additional penalties.  The additional FIE penalty of two months suspension from competition only applies automatically to FIE Events

Athlete Penalties Youth Competitions - updated December 2014