Disciplinary Cases

The following are Disciplinary, Grievance or Welfare cases which have resulted in sanctions being brought either through British Fencing or through the courts.  The list does not include minors.

Cases resulting in sanctions will be listed here for 12 months or the duration of the sanction, whichever is the greatest.

For more information please contact head office.


201 08.07.2015 Mark Nelson-Griffiths

Following the decision of a Sports Resolution Appeal Hearing, British Fencing is required to place an imposition of strictures by immediate preclusion from engaging in a variety of activities including, but not limited to, coaching and refereeing whereby contact with children or vulnerable adults is possible.  For a full description of the strictures please contact British Fencing Head Office.

217 06.10.16 Steven Williams Disciplinary - warning as to future conduct - duration 12 months
233 24.03.17 Matthias Ossyra Disciplinary - 2 month ban, suspended