Staff Abuse Notice

British Fencing welcomes any comments you have on all aspects of its activities and has a formal grievance procedure for dealing with complaints.  It has come to our attention that a number of comments and complaints have resulted in members of British Fencing staff receiving unacceptable levels of verbal abuse.  British Fencing owes a duty of care to its employees to take steps to prevent such verbal abuse and any other mistreatment of its staff.  If necessary British Fencing will take disciplinary action against any fencer (or associated individual such as a coach or parent).
British Fencing staff are working hard to improve fencing in the UK and have the right to do this without experiencing abuse.  As set out above, comments are always welcome, but these must not result in personal attacks on members of British Fencing staff.  Any complaints about actions of staff members should be directed to the CEO as per the Grievances section of the British Fencing website.
We are grateful for  your co-operation.