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For general public information on how and when to apply for a DBS check please visit www.direct.gov.uk/crb

Please visit https://secure.crbonline.gov.uk/enquiry/ to track the progress of your DBS application

You will need your disclosure application form reference Number and your date of birth


DBS Clearance Guidelines 2013 - amended 24th July 2013


En Garde….. Ready? Is British Fencing’s Welfare Pack.  Its aim is to create a series of policies and procedures that are based on best practice and in line with current legislation.

Clubs, organisations are encouraged to adopt these policies and put them into practice to maximise the chances of us being able to develop a sport that is safe both physically and also emotionally.  This is about the way we expect people to behave be they participants, coaches, volunteers, parents/carer or any of the myriad of roles that people take on in our sport.

Throughout these documents the word “club” has been used.  That does not mean that they are exclusively for use by clubs, but can be used by any organisation that is involved in fencing from the top down.

We welcome comments and feedback on these documents and they will be updated on a regular basis as best practice changes or when there are changes in legislation. July 2013.

Document Name

Last Updated


Child Protection Policy 06/07/2015
Vulnerable Adults Policy 20/04/2016
Anti-bullying Policy 06/07/2015
Physical Contact 06/07/2015
Photography Policy 20/04/2016
Procedures for Responding to Concerns/Allegations of Abuse or Poor Practice 18/04/2017
Whistleblowing Procedure 06/07/2015
Information Sharing 06/07/2015

Guidance for Club

Guidance on Changing and use of Changing Rooms 06/07/2015
Information Sharing 06/07/2015
Collection and Late Collection Policy 06/07/2015
Safe Recruitment Procedure 06/07/2015
Good Practice Guidelines on the use of Social Networking Sites 06/07/2015
Safer Sporting Events 06/07/2015
Guidelines on Staffing/Supervision Ratios for Children/Young People's Activities 06/07/2015
Safeguarding Contacts 06/07/2015
Transporting Children and Young People 06/07/2015
Away Trips 06/07/2015
Guidance on Risk Assessment 06/07/2015
Managing Challenging Behaviour 06/07/2015

Disclosure and Barring Service

DBS Checks 06/07/2015
Completing a DBS Form 06/07/2015

Other Information

Safeguarding in British Fencing for Parents 06/07/2015
Safeguarding in British Fencing for Coaches 06/07/2015
Leaflet for Children and Young People 06/07/2015


Checklist for Away Trips 06/07/2015
Incident Reporting Form 06/07/2015
Permission to go home on your own 06/07/2015
Role Description - Assistant Club Coach 06/07/2015
Role Description - Lead Coach 06/07/2015
Role Description - Welfare Officer 06/07/2015
Sample consent Forms for use of Photographs or Videos 06/07/2015
Sample Induction Programme 06/07/2015


These codes are British Fencing Code of Conduct for all Home Countries, Regions, Counties, Clubs Members and Persons:-

Code of Conduct  - updated January 2015

Coaches Code of Conduct - updated January 2015

Code of Conduct for Parents/Carers - Updated January 2015

Code of Conduct for Young People - 4.12.15