Key Information about British Fencing & Fencing

British Fencing

Everything that you need to know about the UK’s national governing body for the Olympic sport of fencing.

-       A new vision for the sport underpinned by strong values

-       Our vision to become the World’s most successful fencing community

-       Our mission to enable people to start, stay and succeed in fencing

-       100,000 fencers in the UK

-       We’re transforming the sport as a grassroots level

-       We’re delivering on the global stage

-       We’re small and flexible, able to tailor unique solutions for each of our partners

-       Commercially clean and creatively untapped

-       Indisputably distinctive

-       An opportunity to engage, clients, colleagues and communities – opportunities like no other


Everything that you need to know about fencing.

-       A sport of speed, skill and strategy

-       One of four sports to feature at every modern Olympic Games

-       Three weapons – epee, foil and sabre

-       Gender equality

-       A truly unique and dynamic community

-       Resonance in popular culture

-       Cross-generational appeal

-       A timeless world of honour, excellence and endeavour

-       The only Olympic sport involving swords 

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