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12th June 2018

The Research is aimed at the top 40 Male Epee Fencers

Study Background

Research examining the physiological and thermoregulatory demands of male Epée fencing performance


What will I get out of participating?

-       FREE Physiological data of your fencing performance during competition e.g. heart rate, movement data,  lactate energy production

-       FREE Thermoregulation data of your fencing performance during competition e.g. skin temperatures and core temperatures, sweat rates

-       FREE Body composition data including body fat percentage

-       FREE Data that can be used to inform your fencing training


Testing will take place at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre in London on Saturday July 14th.


This will be run as a 8 man Poule Uniqué competition. There are prizes for places 1-8 (as Amazon Vouchers) as follows 1st: £120, 2nd: £80, 3rd: £60, 4th: £40, 5th: £30, 6th: £20, 7th: £15, 8th: £10

For more information please contact: Luke Oates (

UH Protocol Number: LMS/PGR/UH/02960

You are free to withdraw at anytime without providing any reasons

Measurements During Testing Day Document

Form EC6 Participant Information Sheet

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