Cadet Womens Foil Rankings

Foil rankings coordinator: Paul Sibert. To contact Paul, click here.

Below is the most recent Cadet Women’s Foil ranking. Please check spreadsheets carefully as soon after publication as possible. Failure to inform me of any issues may mean errors in ranking or selection which cannot be fixed in time.

IMPORTANT: Please check years of birth on the spreadsheet and let me know of any errors and fill in any gaps. This will be important for creating the future ranking in due course.

ORGANISERS: Please include years of birth and BFA numbers in the results you send to me so that these can be properly integrated into the ranking system for the future.

Paul Sibert – Junior and Cadet Rankings Coordinator

2016&2017 CWF (11) after March 2017 Cadet Euros (upload)

2016&2017 CWF (10) after January 2017 Pisa Eurocadet (upload)

2016&2017 CWF (9) after January 2017 Manchester JBRC (upload)

2016&2017 CWF (8) after December 2016 Newham BRC (upload)

2016&2017 CWF (7) after November 2016 Cabries EFC (upload)

2016&2017 CWF (6) after Moedling EFC (upload)

2016&2017 CWF (6) after October 2016 Manchester Cadet EFC Upload

2016&17 CWF (4) After September 2016 LP JBRC Upload

2016&17 CWF (3) After August 2016 LP JBRC Upload

2016&2017 CWF (2) After Cadet Champs July 2016

2016&2017 CWF (1) Start of Season Upload

2015&2016 CWF (12) End of Season Upload

2015&2016 CWF (11) After National Cadets Upload

2015&2016 CWF (10) After Cabries Upload

2015&2016 CWF (9) After Newham CBRC Upload

2015&2016 CWF (8) After Moedling EFC Upload - amended 17.11.15

2015&2016 CWF (5) After Manchester Euro Cadet Upload - amended 15.10.15

2015&2016 CWF (4) After Bristol CBRC Upload

2015&2016 CWF (3) After LP Centre CBRC Upload

2015&2016 CWF (2) After Newcastle CBRC Upload

2015&2016 CWF (1) Start of Season Upload



2014-2015 CWF Uploads

2013-2014 CWF Uploads

2012-2013 CWF Uploads

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